Club Kit Online Store Next Open 18th November until 25th November 2018

A limited range of new kit items are available for sale immediately from stock or from club members - see here

NB. There have been some upgrades to the kit available (but the prices remain the same until the end of 2018).

Continental short sleeved jersey. The fabric on the Continental short sleeved jersey (men’s and women’s versions) has been upgraded Continental short sleeved jersey

Ascent short sleeved jersey. The Ascent 2.0 jersey has been upgraded to the Ascent 3.0 aero jersey (men’s and women’s versions). This is a more expensive jersey but Pactimo have agreed to provide it at the price we were paying for the Ascent 2.0 jersey until the end of 2018. Note that this jersey is constructed with more expensive fabric, is an aerodynamic top, a closer fit than the Ascent 2.0, and it has longer sleeves with compression bands. If you do not want a tight fitting jersey, the Continental jersey is probably a better bet. Ascent 3.0 aero jersey

Ascent bib shorts. Now we have the option to purchase both the short/standard length and the long length shorts. We, previously only offered the ascent bibs long length (men’s and women’s) with a compression band of 7.5cm. The short/standard bibs have a compression band of 4.5cm (the short/standard length are £10 cheaper than the existing longer length). Please pay attention when shopping online as when clicking on the men's or women’s Ascent bib shorts, once the product has been selected, you will need to select the long option if you want shorts the same length as we had in the past.

Ascent short sleeved skinsuits. Skinsuits (men’s and women’s) can now be purchased with no pockets or with a left or a right pocket. The price of a skinsuit without a pocket remains the same. The pocket feature will increase the price by £15.00.

Finally. The prices quoted on the Teamstore now include VAT, so no nasty surprises at checkout! The delivery charge of 2% is still added to the VAT inclusive prices.

How to order / details about club kit.

Our high quality kit is supplied by Pactimo and can be ordered online when the club kit coordinator opens the online Team Store. The Team Store can only be opened when I am sure the total order will be at least £200.00 (excluding VAT). I will notify on the news section of the club website and on the Seamons CC Facebook page when the Team Store will open (and close).

The following items are available to buy:

Items available to buy
Price (including VAT)
Continental short sleeve jerseys (men’s and women’s)
Continental thermal long sleeve jerseys (men’s and women’s)
Ascent 3.0 Aero short sleeve jerseys (men’s and women’s)
Ascent Vector Bib shorts (men’s and women’s) - short/standard or long length
Ouray thermal bib tights - without pad (unisex)
Breckenridge WX-D Vest – gilet (men’s and women’s)
Evergreen lightweight vest – gilet (men’s and women’s)
Breckenridge WX-D jacket (men’s and women’s)
Storm hybrid jacket with matching arm warmers (unisex) (* SEE NOTE BELOW)
Ouray Thermal Jacket (unisex)
Ascent Short sleeve skin suit (men’s and women’s) without/with pocket
Arm warmers (unisex)
Cycling cap
Ascent short finger gloves (track mitts)
Ascent Shoe Covers (unisex)

(* More often than not, a smaller size arm warmer than the main jacket (e.g. medium jacket but small arm warmers is required). Pactimo do not usually offer the option of mixing sizes for the Storm Hybrid jacket on customised kit, but they have agreed to do so for us. Please order according to the jacket size and if the arm warmers are not correct, Pactimo will send the correct size arm warmers).

Please note that the prices quoted above for eaach item, include VAT. A shipping cost (of 2%) will be added at checkout.

All orders are guaranteed to be delivered to the club kit coordinator within 4-5 weeks of the date that the Team Store closes.

We are using PACTIMO as our supplier from now on for several reasons:

The quality of their garments is very good.
Prices are competitive.
They have a guaranteed delivery time (from the closing of the Team Store).
Club members individually go onto the on-line Team Store and buy the garments and sizes that they want in a typical online shopping experience. Every garment we are offering in our Team Store will be described in detail and shown in 2D mock-ups.
As we reached the minimum of 5 per item on our first order, there is now no minimum on reorders of any item.
All orders are delivered to me (the kit co-ordinator) pre-sorted for each individual member, ready for collection.

There are size guides on the Pactimo website. I would suggest you ask other members if you could try their kit for size. You will find information about the technical qualities of each of the items on the Pactimo website.

Instructions for using the Team Store:

Enter https://teamstore.pactimo.com/stores/select & click on “my team store”, this will bring up a window as shown below. Then enter our team password “Seamons” with the first “S” in capitals and click “sign in”.

You will then be required register on-line (just name and address etc. which will give you a password for your personal account with Pactimo).


Happy shopping! Jeanette Barber - Club kit coordinator kit_orders@seamonscc.co.uk

Seamons CC Kit Designs
Short Sleeve Jersey
Long Sleeve Jersey
Bib Shorts
Breckenridge Vest
Evergreen Vest
Breckenridge Jacket
Storm Hybrid Jacket & Arm Warmers
Ouray Thermal Jackets
Short Sleeve Skin Suit
Arm Warmers
Shoe Covers