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Club "10" Calendar 2017
Seamons CC Wednesday Night 10 Mile TT Series 2017
First Event: Wednesday 19th April at 7:00 pm

These events are primarily for the members of Seamons CC and North Cheshire Clarion. Other cyclists who wish to take part, or just "have a go" at time trialling, are very welcome to take up any available spaces, to a maxium of 50 participents. Cyclists aged from 12 to 17 inclusive will need to have a completed Parental Consent form before taking part. The club event form is available here:

Course Details:

Start at the end of the lay-by opposite the Bears Paw on the A50. After 0.1 miles, turn left on to Swineyard Lane. Proceed for 3.2 miles and encircle the roundabout, returning on Swineyard Lane. At the A50 junction after 6.4 miles, turn left with extreme care on to the A50 and continue until the Lymm Services Roundabout at 8.0 miles. Encircle the roundabout and return on the A50, going past the start at the Bears Paw and finish by a gate on the A50, roughly halfway between Crabtree Lane and West Lane.

The route can be viewed here:

Course Records:

Course Record 00:20:34 29.17 mph 06.07.2016 Adam Duggleby Secret-Training
Ladies Course Record 00:24:07 24.88 mph 06.05.2015 Corrine Hall Ikon-Mazda RT

For Your Safety!
  • Marshals are present on the course purely to indicate direction and to ensure that competitors observe the rules of the road. Marshalls are not authorised to direct or stop traffic.
  • The onus is on individual competitors to compy with the rules of the road.
  • At the left turn from Swineyard Lane on to the A50 main road, rider safety is of paramount importance. When approaching this junction, competitors must not cross the centre line to straighten the corner and, when exiting the junction, must remain close to the left hand kerb, using the feeder lane before carefully joining the main carriageway of the A50.
  • Competitors must take extra care when negotiating roundabouts. You do not have priority over traffic approaching from the right
  • Before starting and after finishing, do not turn in the road in the vicinity of the start or finish. The A50 is a busy road and it is recommended that competitors use the triangle at High Legh, to return to the Bears Paw layby and hand in their number.
  • Anyone who fails to observe these safety instructions will be warned and may also be disqualified.
  • Signing-on will be in the layby opposite the Bears Paw. It is a large layby and should accomodate the majority of entrants. If the layby is full, then Ditchfield Lane (at High Legh Garden Centre) is very close to the start / finish. Please park considerately. Do not use the Bears Paw car park, obstruct access for local residents, or park on any resident's grass verge.
  • The event is limited to a maximum of 50 riders and 30 of those places are initially reserved for Seamons CC members, with a further 15 spaces for North Cheshire Clarion members. Both clubs provide course marshals.
  • See below for start times.
  • Entrants may sign-on 1 hour before the start but, in order to secure a reserved place in the event, Seamons CC members must sign-on no later than 40 minutes before the start.
  • From 40 minutes before the start, places will be allocated to North Cheshire Clarion members and then on a "first come first served" basis up to the permitted maximum of 50 riders.
  • Places in the event for friends cannot be reserved.
  • The latest signing-on time will be 15 minutes before the start time. From 15 minutes to go the organisers will be preparing for the start and cannot accept any further entries.
  • Finishing times will only be announced after the event at the Bears Paw layby. Road space is restricted at the finish so do not approach the timekeepers for any reason.
Event Results:
  • Are usually published on the Seamons CC website on the same evening, but this is not always possible.
All riders must have a working rear light, front light recommended. No rear light - no ride.
Event Date Start time Sunset  
1 19 April 7:00 8:17  
2 26 April 7:00 8:30  
3 03 May 7:15 8:43  
4 10 May 7:30 8:55  
5 17 May 7:30 9:06  
6 24 May 7:30 9:17  
7 07 June 7:30 9:34  
8 21 June 7:30 9:42  
9 28 June 7:30 9:42  
10 05 July 7:30 9:39  
11 12 July 7:30 9:33  
12 19 July 7:30 9:25  
13 26 July 7:30 9:15  
14 02 August 7:15 9:03  
15 09 August 7:00 8:49  
16 16 August 7:00 8:35  

Note there is no time trial on 31st May nor the 14th June. This is due to the Seamons CC Championship "10" and the Seamons CC Championship "25" time trials being held on the 31st May and 13th June respectively.

Entry fees:
Juniors and Youth £2 per ride
Seamons Club Members £3 per ride
Members of other Cycling clubs £3 per ride
Unattached riders £4 per ride