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All Open TT Results 2021
Event Distance Date Course Name Result MPH Comments
Nova Raiders CC2502/05/2021D25/20Ade Hughes00:56:5726.34
Nova Raiders CC2502/05/2021D25/20Dan Mathers00:57:0826.25
Nova Raiders CC2502/05/2021D25/20Richard Shaw00:58:4725.52
Mersey Tri1024/04/2021D10/1Ade Hughes00:21:1328.28
Mersey Tri1024/04/2021D10/1Stephen Dooley00:21:2927.93
Mersey Tri1024/04/2021D10/1Tim Marshall00:23:2025.71
Mersey Tri1024/04/2021D10/1Andy Whitehead00:25:4423.32
VTTA (North Lancs)2514/04/2021L2523AAndy Whitehead01:08:0122.05
BDCA2510/04/2021A25/11Alan Chorley00:52:4628.43
BDCA2510/04/2021A25/11Ade Hughes00:53:4427.92
BDCA2510/04/2021A25/11Stephen Dooley00:53:5827.7925m PB
Manchester BC1005/04/2021J10/1Alan Chorley00:22:2026.87
Manchester BC1005/04/2021J10/1Ade Hughes00:22:4126.45

Please send your results to Alan Chorley. Include name of event, date, distance, course and your result. Include also any other relevant info.